Video Management

Video surveillance has quickly moved past the reputation of being solely a means to observe motion, or helping to make out a shape observed on camera. Now it’s a fundamental function of any organization with a facility or campus where individual or process safety, process quality, along with supporting the potential need to search historical records is a must. The effective capture quality of today’s video surveillance cameras provides the basis to create powerful, effective video surveillance solutions.

An organization can deploy high-quality IP-based cameras to monitor facilities or processes, streaming the data back to a video management system that can permit the encoding of the data stream by time and date. There, data captures can then either be sent to be held or retained for later viewing/analysis. Many organizations, such as within the government, education, and gaming, are required or have mandatory retention periods of 90 days or longer.

When considering a video management solution, the following design parameters must be anticipated:

  • Quantity of Cameras
  • Camera capture quality
  • Retention period for data captured
  • Data management capability
  • Available as relatively inexpensive solutions, the costs can rise based on the above.
  • A video management solution is comprised of the following components:
  • Network video cameras
  • IP Network Infrastructure
  • Servers
  • Video Management SAN
  • Viewing workstations and other mobile viewing devices
  • Storage.