Application Acceleration

In the most basic sense, application acceleration speaks to the delivery of a faster, more responsive, user experience.

Who has not experienced a computer program that seems sluggish and slow? What do you do? Do you leave that web page or shut down the query? Slow application performance has an impact and if this is your customer (navigating away from your organization), your opportunity to interact with them in a favorable manner, is diminished.

The ability to do work faster, regardless of industry, translates to business scale and increased throughput; whether quicker reservations, faster computer simulations, or quicker answers to business queries.

The result is that your organization moves forward, your ability to do more gives you an edge. It is this advantage that can separate you from others in your industry.

What is business-critical application?

The test to determine if an application is business critical is straightforward and is something like the following:

What is the impact to your organization if the ability to do this work is interrupted or impeded? Are people idled, do customers turn away, are deadlines missed

The answer to this type of questioning can help you to determine the importance of an application to your organization. Application acceleration is really a twofold process, where the structure of the environment chosen to support and deliver the application efficiently to the organization as well as the speed of that delivery are considered.

The term application is synonymous with software; you probably think of it this way as well. However, an application lives on, and is delivered over, a physical system, composed of compute, network and storage components.


Using the above illustration as an example of a typical application delivery topology, our team will review the current implementation of your application space, looking to identify and correct any weaknesses which permit you get the most out of your environment today. We will work with you to identify and develop a plan to differentiate your environment; developing a roadmap that can take you to the pinnacle of application delivery and set your organization up for success.