Connectivity Solutions

Ardera provides services & solutions in conjunction with our vendor partners serving clients with needs.

The Challenges

With today’s mobile workforce, to remain successful, efficient deployment of business critical applications is a requirement.

Applications may exist in different locations – onsite, multiple sites, private cloud, public cloud, 3rd party data centers, etc. The portal to your data is through the network, regardless of geographic location.

Your network must be secure and robust to deliver performance to the user who could be anywhere, and on any device.

Your organization must be connected in a way that safely unites your employees and their ability to communicate with their peers, business partners, vendors, and contractors through Internet-enabled applications, such as email.

The Ardera Approach

Data flow to the extremities of the organization, when constricted, or infected, will impact the entire organization in a negative manner.

As an example, deploying Microsoft Office 365 pushes the exchange of data to the very edges of an organization, creating a new dimension of efficiency and agility. However, many organizations do not fully understand the communications requirements – security, bandwidth, availability, and recoverability – involved in moving to data-anywhere environment.

Ardera collaborates with our clients to help provide a clear and comprehensive plan of how they can leverage the benefits of their new “data-anywhere” environment; ultimately, empowering our clients to reach favorable outcomes.


Enterprise Networking Solutions

Design and implement a network capable of delivering performance throughout your organization but with the ability to provide secure, discreet and dedicated networking solutions that optimize the performance of applications and communication.

Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Develop a strategy to enhance your enterprise wireless network strategy to support your mobile workforce.

Connectivity Solutions

Enterprise Networking

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